January 8, 2020
European Commission
Polish T&C sector amounts at PLN 22.1 billion yearly

The Polish clothing and textile market are considered to be one of the most attractive in Central and Eastern Europe. Poland is ranked 8th in terms of clothing production when compared to 28 EU countries – in 2018 production reached the level of PLN 22.1 billion, i.e. was 5.6% higher than in the previous year. Also investments of the sector increased – by 11% in textile industry up toPLN 500 million, an by 34% in clothing – up to PLN 100 million.

– The goal for the entire textile and clothing industry is to increase productivity, acquire new staff, raise professional qualifications and further increase investment outlays. The dynamic development of e-commerce, personalization of production and development of the luxury goods market are conducive to the development of the industry. Polish enterprises can increase their participation in international R&D projects and still have the chance to expand into non-European markets – says Tadeusz Wawrzyniak, President of “PIOT” – Association of Employers of Textile and Clothing Industry.

The textile, clothing, leather and footwear sector (TCLF) is a European potentate, a source of new trends and innovations. It is estimated that the annual turnover in the industry is over €200 billion and that around 225.000 companies employ 2.2 million people – 66% of whom are women.


The Polish TCLF sector still has great potential for development – the European Commission, Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) are launching a project, which aims to increase employment in this industry: “Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills: showcasing careers in the textile/clothing/leather/footwear sectors”. Its aim is to promote, among job seekers –and focusing particularly on under 30 young people –employment in the TCLF industry, known as one of the most strategic industries for the EU economy. It is crucial for the development of other economic sectors, such as construction, agriculture, transport and road construction, medicine, as well as for the security of secret services and defence.


The campaign provides a series of visits, meetings and open days in EU countries' schools, VETs, TCLF related firms and associations in the EU. The aim is to develop awareness of the spectrum of the sector among potential new employees, students and pupils. A group of experts from each Member State will visit schools and training institutions to present the sector and answer all questions. The campaign aims in particular to raise awareness of the many career possibilities in the above sectors: the high employability and the attractive working environment, the sustainable innovation that is flourishing in those fields and the charming professional figures searched nowadays and in the future in the whole industry.


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