November 13, 2019
The ROBYG Group introduces micro-apartments to the Warsaw offer

The ROBYG Group is introducing a new product – micro-apartments. The first investment of this type will be built as part of the City Sfera project in Warsaw's Wola district. 402 premises with areas ranging from 18 – 38 m2 will be built in 2 Modern Space buildings. The commencement of the investment is planned for the beginning of 2020. Such premises are a modern form of investment and an excellent financial deposit. Micro-appartments are an attractive solution, among others for people looking for a comfortable place close to the workplace, or during studies with the prospect of further renting after their completion. The latest concept of the Group will be available on November 16 during the Open Day.

The full offer of the ROBYG Group – also as long-term investments – can be acquainted with during the next Open Day in Warsaw – November 16 at all Sales Offices. The ROBYG Group is already conducting development activities in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Wrocław and has an investment area in Poznań. ROBYG has over 20 000 premises sold and 60 000 satisfied customers.

„For a long time we have been observing the changes taking place in Polish society regarding the purchase of flats. Poles are systematically raising their standard of living. More and more people are buying apartments for cash – also as an investment activity with plans to earn on rent. Many clients are people commuting to work for Warsaw during a working week who want to have a comfortable home near their employment. Students are also increasingly buying flats that can be rented in the long run. These observations prompted us to sell a new investment format – micro-apartments. They work perfectly both as a comfortable apartment for those working in business centers of the city, or as an investment for rent, as well as the first student housing. Not without reason we decided to locate micro-apartments near the Center – at the meeting point of Ochota, Wola and Italy – from where close to the new office center of the Capital and easy to get to the most important universities. This makes the location extremely attractive for both investors and buyers of housing for themselves. An additional advantage of the two Modern Space buildings is the set of planned amenities – such as service area, shops, medical center, security with monitoring, concierge, fitness, laundry, luggage storage or turnkey finishing and the option of deducting VAT. Our new format and the full Warsaw offer can be found in all sales offices in Warsaw during the Open Day on November 16” – states Joanna Chojecka, ROBYG SA. sales and marketing director.

The two designed buildings of the Modern Space investment are modern in nature and elegant, which guarantee comfort of use. On the ground floor there are planned commercial premises and shops, and on the first floor space intended for, among others at the Medical Center. Reception with porter, monitoring and security ensures safety, and the zone of public services (laundry, drying room, fitness) raise the standard of investment and make it unique. The location near business centers guarantees an excellent rate of return. Turnkey finishing and VAT deduction are further advantages of Modern Space. This is an excellent investment in terms of capital investment - the first offer of apartments in Warsaw, in the most sought-after small area, with such a high standard of finishing and a package of additional services.


Wszystkie mieszkania ROBYG w standardzie wyposażone są w nowoczesną technologię Smart House. Klienci nie muszą ponosić za to rozwiązanie żadnych dodatkowych opłat. Smart House umożliwia zdalne sterowane domową elektroniką, ogrzewaniem, a także systemem bezpieczeństwa – za pomocą aplikacji zainstalowanej na dowolnym urządzeniu mobilnym. Technologia zapewnia komfort oraz pomaga oszczędzać – dzięki niej można obniżyć rachunki za prąd nawet do 30%.

All ROBYG flats are equipped in standard with modern Smart House technology. Customers do not have to pay any additional fees for this solution. Smart House allows remote control over home electronics, heating, as well as the security system - using the application installed on any mobile device. Technology provides comfort and helps with saving money – thanks to it you can reduce electricity bills by up to 30%.


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