October 1, 2018
ROBYG Group: PLN 420 million of revenue in H1 2018

ROBYG Group in H1 2018 - in accordance with the adopted schedule of transfer of units to owners - recorded revenues in the amount of about PLN 420.14 million, which means the increase by 95.8% yoy. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company amounted to PLN 35.11 million, 23.5% higher than in H1 2017. The contracting in the analysed period amounted to 1516 units (net after resignation) and it’s at the comparable level to H1 2017. The company had 4675 units under construction in H1 2018 and introduced into sales 10 stages of investment projects. New land’s acquisition amounted to PLN 167 million, with potential construction for 3680 units.

In H1 2018 ROBYG Group obtained a strategic investor – Bricks Acquisitions Limited - an entity of The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. – supporting the Group's long-term vision and development strategy. Consequently, ROBYG has strengthen expert support framework to assist us in the ongoing development activities. Despite the delisting, ROBYG is still active on the capital market – issuing bonds and fulfilling all disclosure requirements ensuring transparency of operations. ROBYG S.A. has also completed the public offering and placed PB series bonds in amount of PLN 60 million. The offering was implemented as part of the bond issue program of up to PLN 400 million and resulted in cumulative utilization of the program of PLN 360 million.


“The goal of the Group is maintaining the strong position among the leaders on the development market in Poland – in the first half of the year, about 2,000 units were launched in Warsaw and Gdańsk. The Group launches new investments and explores areas for new projects – primarily enabling the construction of functional housing complexes in those parts of the city with great transport infrastructure network. In the first half of 2018 the company introduced to the sales investments in two new districts: Wlochy and Praga. Also three new projects are being initiated in Gdansk“– said Oscar Kazanelson, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ROBYG SA.

ROBYG operates in Warsaw in the following districts: Wilanów, Bemowo, Wola, Mokotów, Ursus, Tarchomin, Włochy and Praga, and soon plans to launch new projects. In Gdańsk, the company has investments in the following districts: Jasień, Letnica, Piecki-Migowo, Wrzeszcz and Śródmieście. This results in a large diversification of the offer and thus increases the probability of sales success.


"The year 2018 is as hard-working for ROBYG Group as the record 2017. The latest data from the Central Statistical Office until August 2018 indicate that the demand for flats is not diminishing – the number of started construction has increased by over 7%. Due to high contracting in previous quarters, Group's revenue for the next years is secured and the company counts on the fact that the results – along with slowing down administrative decisions – will be better from quarter to quarter" – added Oscar Kazanelson.

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