January 4, 2018
ROBYG – approximately 3470 units contracted and 2100 planned to be recognized in revenues in 2017

In 2017 ROBYG Group contracted approximately 3470 net units (including cancellations), which represents an increase of 17% comparing to 2016. In Warsaw, the number of signed contracts amounted to 1862, and 1608 in Gdańsk. This result is the highest in the Group's history and exceeds all performance expectations regarding the ambitious goal set by the Management Board at the level of 3300 units. In addition, ROBYG Group plans to recognize 2100 units in revenues in 2017 – including projects implemented under a joint venture.

"The year 2017 was definitely successful for the ROBYG Group. Once again, the company recorded an increase in the annual contracting - by as much as 17% compared to 2016. The contraction of approximately 3470 units means that we achieved our objectives for 2017 - and then some. It also proves that the goals set by the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of the ROBYG Group are based on reliable forecasts. The Management and Supervisory Boards of the Group are convinced that ROBYG is a solid brand with a future. The company knows what the buyers expect, which is why the company's apartments are so popular on the market. The group is also an innovator in the industry - the first one to introduce Smart House technology in the price of the premises, which has gained recognition of the market and customers " – says Oscar Kazanelson, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ROBYG SA.

ROBYG Group expects to recognize over 2100 units in revenues in 2017, mainly from the following investments:

  • Apartamenty Villa Nobile – aprox. 25%
  • Lawendowe Wzgórza/Stacja Nowy Gdańsk – aprox. 20%
  • Stacja Nowy Ursus – aprox. 10%
  • Mila Baltica – aprox. 10%
  • Morenova – aprox. 10%
  • Zajezdnia Wrzeszcz – aprox. 10%

The number of over 2100 units that are expected to be recognised in revenues in 2017 – lower than initially assumed – is directly caused by a very demanding real estate market, which brings on schedule changes of projects under construction. However, ROBYG Group systematically, at the end of each quarter, recognizes new units in its revenues and continues to demonstrate its liquidity in the real estate market. In recent years, the Group has proven time and time again that the goals set by the Management and Supervisory Board of ROBYG Group are based on experience and solid foundations” – says Oscar Kazanelson, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ROBYG SA.

ROBYG builds housing estates in Warsaw’s Bemowo, Mokotów, Ursus, Wilanów, Wola as well as Tarchomin, and plans to launch new projects in 2017 in other disctricts, i.a. in Włochy. Gdańsk offers housing units in the neighborhoods of: Wrzeszcz, Jasień, Letnica, Śródmieście and Morena.

ROBYG Group – key figures:

  • Contracting in 2016: 2 957 units – increase of 27% compared to 2015
  • Contracting in 2017: about 3 470 units – increase of 17% compared to 2016
  • The number of transferred units in 2016: about 2 800
  • The expected number of transferred units in 2017: over 2 100

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