December 4, 2017
Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA)
PTIA: Increase in passenger cars tyre sales by 6 percent

According to Polish Tyre Industry Association’s data, the past three quarters brought an increase in the sales of passenger cars tyres by 6% as well as growth in the SUV tyres segment (+5%). Seasonal tyres are still popular among drivers – growth rate has risen by +2% in the summer tyres segment and by +8% in the sector of winter tyres. A significant, 37% increase in the sales of all-season tyres has been recorded.

„The increase in tyre sales is promising news – it confirms the growth in awareness among Polish drivers of the influence that tyres have on road safety. Each year, we get to drive better cars on better roads and drivers are really able to see the difference between good and poor quality tyres. Certainly, unused tyres – if stored properly and even a couple years old - are much better than used ones. A driver does not know the history of a used tyre – whether or not it has dangerous, internal damages – and has no way of finding it out. Purchasing used tyres is like playing Russian roulette. A significant increase in the popularity of all-seasonal tyres has been recorded – drivers should always choose tyres with winter homologation, that is those with the so-called Alpine symbol - the three-peak mountain and a snowflake symbol. The M+S symbol alone, without the company of the Alpine symbol, does not denote neither the winter tyre nor the all-weather one, as it has not been granted the winter homologationsays Piotr Sarnecki, Director General of Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).

European market continues to show tendencies which have been observed since the beginning of the year:

  • -1% in passenger tyre sales
  • +2% in commercial tyre sales
  • -9% in agricultural tyre sales
  • +3% in motorcycle and scooter tyre sales

„There has been a slight decrease in the sales of tyres in Europe. The agricultural segment has taken a particularly steep plunge, confirming a negative trend already seen in 2016. The third quarter of 2017 brought a 25% decrease in sales, compared to the same period of last year. The commercial, motorcycle, and scooter segments remain markedly positive” – points out Marta Conti, ETRMA’s Communication Manager.

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