November 16, 2017
ROBYG Group: PLN 350 million revenue after 3 quarters of 2017

ROBYG Group recorded PLN 350 million income after three quarters of 2017 and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company amounted to PLN 47 million. The company increased the prognosed net profit for 2017 – up to PLN 105 million and predicts ca. 2 500 units to be recognized in revenues. After three quarters of 2017 ROBYG Group contracted in Warsaw and Gdansk 2702 units net (including cancellations) and recognized in revenues 1118 units. The steady for many quarters high increase of contracted units indicates a high potential of recognition in revenues for 2018. 

In Q3 2017 alone the company revenues amounted to PLN 135 million and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company amounted to PLN 18 million. 400 units were recognized in revenues in Q3 2017 and the contracting level reached 1009 units and it’s a record in the company’s history.


„With taking into account current market conditions and the result after three quarters of 2017 ROBYG Group is convinced that the PLN 105 million net profit in whole 2017 is feasible.  Good results are also expected in the coming quarters because – according to Groups’ schedule – ca. 2 500 are to be handed over this year and in 2018 this number will increase considerably.  It is worth mentioning that ROBYG is a developer with an established position on the housing market who is trusted by its customers as well as the financial market. Analyst see ROBYG Group as a company with a good possibility for growth. At the same time clients also trust ROBYG because finished apartments make only 3% of all units in offer, which indicates that they are sold at investments’ early stage. All of this is hard evidence of the company’s solid work to provide the market with units tailored to the needs of customers” said Oscar Kazanelson, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ROBYG SA.


ROBYG Group realizes housing investments in Warsaw in following districts: Bemowo, Mokotów, Ursus, Wilanów, Wola, Tarchomin and Żoliborz and plans to launch in 2017 additional investments in Włochy. In Gdańsk the company has investments in districts: Jasień, Letnica, Wrzeszcz and Morena.

„ROBYG Group’s contracting level growths higher with every year. The result of 2702 units after 3 quarters if satisfying and brings the company closer to the forecasted number of 3 400 units in whole 2017. Constant development and listening to the market’s needs is key to success. ROBYG is currently present in Warsaw and Gdansk but – in order to increase its activity scale – entering either Kraków or Wrocław is considered. ROBYG also regularly acquires new land for investments – current land bank allows for providing almost 14 000 to the market, which ensures the company’s operations in the coming quarters. But above of all the company cares of clients’ comfort. ROBYG was the first to introduce to the market Smart House – a system for remote control of home appliances – within the apartment’s price and no extra cost. In additions ROBYG plans all investments comprehensively – their location is chosen in a way to ensure easy access to other part of the city and with proximity to schools, health care shops and recreational facilities in mind. ROBYG also creates a friendly environment for residents such as the Odolany Park in Warsaw’s Wola. The company believes that social responsibility is a duty of every developer who significantly influences the city’s shape and creates a new and functional urban fabric” adds Oscar Kazanelson, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ROBYG SA. 


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